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‘Endist’ and ‘Endism’ are real words with real meanings, but we don’t need to worry about that. ‘Endism’, here, is ‘belief that the end of the world is approaching’.

I don’t believe that myself. I’m just interested in these things. I’m hoping to use this blog to write a bit more about the process of writing, and also to post fiction.

Any interaction via the comments facility is much appreciated.

Rules For Me

These are rules for me, not you. But making them public means I have to abide by them.

1. No plugs for my books (not counting the ‘Publications’ page, because that’s not part of the actual blog itself)

2. No plugs for my readings (not counting the ‘Events’ page, for the reason given above)

3. No reviews of other books

4. No political / current affairs commentary, unless it’s relevant to writing fiction


I am a writer called Tom Fletcher and I write short stories and novels. My first two novels, The Leaping and The Thing on the Shore are published by Quercus and are available now. I’m currently working on a third, called The Ravenglass Eye.

For news, reviews and more information about my writing / publications, please visit Feel free to contact me at

(Thank you).

  1. I can’t imagine what makes you think the end of the world might be approaching.

    Apart from everything that’s happened since 6th May.

    Oh. Fair point.

  2. Endism. I like that.

  3. The end of the world is just such a good topic for writing these days. Why is that? i too don’t believe that it is imminent.

    Maybe its the general ennui and tedium of the superfast modern life – we can’t help but expect, want perhaps, something cataclysmic to happen just to see how we’d all cope reduced back to nothing.

    I dunno, its a weird one. One thing i do know: it makes a great blog title


    • fellhouse permalink

      Thank you Dave! I feel like maybe the lure of the end of the world for writers deserves its own blog post. I agree about it being a reaction to modern life though – the desire for it all to just stop. A kind of suspension of the rules. I don’t know… hopefully I will get a proper blogpost on this subject together soon.

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