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The Big House

December 14, 2012

In the afterlife your home is a labyrinthine amalgamation of all the places you lived during your life. Every house, flat, bedroom and bedsit is there, connected by new doors and passageways. The floorings and curtains and furnishings are as they were when you really lived in these places. In wandering from room to room, from home to home, you move from the deep past to the more recent past, or, alternatively, further backwards, depending. The more places you live when alive, the bigger your home in the afterlife will be. I am twenty-eight and so far I have had sixteen different homes. I struggle to remember them all – in my memory they are layered up like drawings on tracing paper, each obscuring the others – but that’s OK. I know I will get to explore them again. I will be profoundly moved upon encountering this standard lamp – broken in real time, but whole here – or that old wallpaper from the terrace in Frodsham that we lived in when I was a child.

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