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April 12, 2011

So – THE THING ON THE SHORE is out now. It actually came out on 31st March. I missed the date because I thought it was being published on 7th April. Pretty stupid of me.

But the great thing about books – physical books, I mean – is, once they’re out, they’re out. They can sell badly, or go out of print, but they’ll still be kicking around charity shops and Amazon ‘used & new’ for decades. (My books aren’t likely to be systematically destroyed). The publication date is a good date to celebrate (if you’re not an idiot and know what the publication date actually is) but what I find really exciting is that it’s only the beginning of publication, really, and each copy of the book will go on to exist for a long time afterwards, in times and places that I never will.

Something else that lasts a long time – a tattoo. And I’m honoured that one of the first readers of THE THING ON THE SHORE liked the book sufficiently to get an image from the cover tattooed on his very own skin. Here it is:

The tattoo belongs to Scott Weighman. He lives in Whitehaven, which is where the book is set. I think it’s great. In fact it’s really made me want another tattoo; don’t know what yet though. Any suggestions?

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  1. That’s very exciting! Congratulations on the beginning of publication bit for The Thing on the Shore, too!

    I would love to have a tattoo of a quote from a book but have found it impossible to decide what. Your cover becoming a tattoo made me think of this

    • Tom Fletcher permalink

      Thanks Claire 🙂

      I’d love a book-related tattoo also, but likewise I can’t decide what. I can never even decide who my favourite author is, let alone pick a favourite book.

      That blogpost you linked to is great; how strange that must have felt. Thanks!

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