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Competition Winners

March 25, 2011

The winners are:

Rebecca Payne


Judith Clarke

Congratulations! And apologies to those of you who didn’t win. I actually feel quite bad about it. (It’s OK though, right? It’s just the way of competitions, I suppose).

I know that the last comment on the competition thread was actually posted by David Hartley, but because the time of posting was actually 12.01, I have to discount that entry. (Sorry David. I know you might have started writing it before 12:00, but I feel obliged to draw the line across that final second of the AM). However – I think we can all agree that David has provided us with as fine a last line as we could hope for in ‘Tony dropped his bit of the toothbrush. His head felt cold’

Thanks again to all who entered. If you’d like a copy of ‘Field’ but did not win one here, then you can find out how to order one on the Nightjar Press blog. If you’re making an order, I’d suggest picking up a copy of ‘Lexicon’ by Christopher Burns also – one of the most intelligent, disquieting stories I’ve read for a good while. And of course there’s the remains of the Nightjar back catalogue as well – they’re all fantastic.

Anyway. I’ve just dropped my bit of the toothbrush. And my head feels cold.

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  1. Please tell David Hartley that I would like to soften the blow of his not being placed by offering him a complimentary chapbook if he gets in touch via the usual channels. Or he could send me an email to nicholasroyle at

  2. Sibyl permalink

    I am still wondering about how Toothbrush Tony managed to dig himself up from the grave, using only said toothbrush…

    It’s all about willing suspension of disbelief isn’t it? So if someone would kindly explain, then I can get on with my life.

  3. archaism permalink

    It’s the getting through a coffin with a toothbrush that’s worrying me!

  4. Tom Fletcher permalink

    Where there’s a will there’s a way.

    Feel free to carry the story on yourselves though… the competition is over, but the story can continue.

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