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Some Book Or Music

February 19, 2011

Some book or music or something makes my brain fizz like a bottle of coke, shook up and foaming out over a wooden table pale in the midday sun. The intense heat has driven all attendant into the nearby pool. There is nothing in the sky and the table looks abandoned. I want to sit at that table and drink the coke and swallow my brain and then disappear into the pool myself.

From → Fiction

  1. Hi Tom
    I’ve just finished reading The Leaping and wanted to thank you for a superb novel (I couldn’t put it down and I certainly could not believe it was your first?) I read somewhere that it was the kind of book DH Laurence would have written had he turned his hand to horror and I’m inclined to agree as it’s such a literary book. I think your prose style is really evocative and your narrative a shot in the arm for modern horror writing. Great stuff! Already got The Thing on the Shore pre ordered from Amazon. Can’t wait!

    Regards Shirley

    • Tom Fletcher permalink

      Thank you, Shirley! What a lovely response to the book. I’m glad you liked it, and hope you like The Thing on the Shore as much.


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