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The Tax Return

February 2, 2011

There’s been a kind of howl – no, not a howl – a loud muttering, maybe, from the online writing community over recent weeks. There always is to be honest, but the one I’m talking about here has been prompted by the self-assessment tax return deadline. I’ve done mine – my first – and it was a lot more complicated than I expected. Not simplified by the numerous forms I keep getting through the post, which I guess are in relation to things I’ve said on previous calls / forms / the Inland Revenue website. Though they may be unrelated, or generic. Not sure.

Anyway. I’m losing the plot, as evidenced here, in my latest attempt at communicating with them:

This was supposed to be a serious note.

I didn’t mean to add the kisses.

And yes, I could have cropped the image to get rid of all of that white space, probably.

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  1. As far as I see, you should pay the HMRC as little as legally possible. If you aren’t sure if a charge applies, don’t pay it. They’ll soon tell you if you are wrong!

  2. Ha ha ha! It’s still making me laugh and snort x

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